The best way to determine if our programs are right for you is to read what our clients have to say about us. With their firsthand exposure to our courses, certifications, and training programs, they will be able to give you a glimpse of the Evolution Health Academy experience.

16 responses to “Client Reviews”

  1. The NCLEX exam was identical to what we have been exposed to. Now that I finish and pass my board , I strongly recommend the school.
    Best nursing school in Florida

  2. this is the best school ever I strongly recommend this school I’m a proud graduate I was equipped for my nclex I never lack anything the teacher mr. Voltaire is a good professor thank you sir

  3. Great, RN Nclex Review highly recommend thumbs up. The labs used the same equpment as the hospital, for example, how to use and setup an IV monitor . The instructors were up to date on current base practices in a hospital setting.. Again, highly recommend RN Nclex Review.

  4. This is one of the best NCLEX review program with outstanding clinical approach Teachers always available to assist with any question

  5. Proud graduate of the 2019, Nursing program. A+ type of school. Very nice staffs and faculties , thanks to all the professors who made me whom I am. The NCLEX review was very educational and interesting.

  6. Proud graduate , class of 2019 Nursing program. This school is a wonderful place, the faculties ,staff everyone is just excellent, I will recommend this nursing school to anyone who is looking for a peaceful learning environment. This school is A+.

  7. I love this school!! The teacher helped me understand the material presented well and controlled. The teacher is patient when I require further assistance for topics I do not understand. That’s why I love Health Evolution

  8. Proud graduate of the 2019 Nursing program, an A+ type of school with great staffs and faculties. Review of the NCLEX materials are educational and interesting.

  9. Evolution Health Academy is the best nursing school in Miami. They have different programs, affordable prices, payment plans, great staff, and they are very professional. I’m so proud to meet with them. They help me to achieve my goal . If you’re a foreign nurse, Doctor or like to become a nursing professional, your best choice is Evolution because the teachers speak multiple languages, English, Spanish, French, Creole. What I like about Evolution is they don’t only have books. They have online resources and materials for practice inside of the school before you go out for clinical. Mr Voltaire is very helpful, compassionate and understanding, He wants to make sure you really understand. He even provides extra hours 1-1 to help the students. Evolution thank you so much for helping me achieve my dream.

  10. I finished my nursing school with them, it’s challenging but it’s worth it at the end of the day. This school provides you with everything you need to pass the NCLEX exam. I highly recommend this school. This is the BEST nursing school ever. Great job Mr. Voltaire, thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

  11. Is the best Nursing school in Miami proud to do Nclex review with Evolution health academy because they the best school,the teacher help me achieve my goal they are very professional I’m so proud to be with them, I’m give Evolution health academy five stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Keep the good job

  12. First time I visited the school, i was very impressed by the Director. He walked me through the entire school ,and he spent his time to introduce the entire
    program to me. Overall, school was very clean. They are high tech; students can study on line, teachers are always available to answer students’questions. In addition, library is well equipped with books ,computers, and it’s a very quiet area to study. Also , the staffs are very professional, and they value their students. every week I receive homework and work studies from my email. in other words, they are very proactive with everything. I thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to do a remediation for my LPN. I appreciate your hard work. I highly recommend this school for single mothers, and people who have busy life because of its online program, flexibility and affordable price. Finally, I want to thank Mr. Voltaire for his hard work,and his commitment to make of this school one of the excellent schools in Florida.

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