Health is one thing people will always find important. After all, ensuring that their bodies are in good shape helps them live longer lives. When they go through issues like aging, injuries, or health conditions, they need the assistance of healthcare professionals to help them recover. Often, both nurses and home health aides devote much of their time and effort to help these people recuperate.

If you see yourself as wanting to devote your life to improving the lives of patients, then you need to have the right training and take the qualifying exams to do so. This is where we at Evolution Health Academy can help you fulfill your aspirations.

Here are the courses we offer:

  • LPN Course
  • CNA Course
  • RN Continuing Education
  • LPN Continuing Education
  • HHA Course

To find out about the available class schedules for each, click here. For more details regarding each course and questions about their requirements, you can call Evolution Health Academy for assistance at 786-709-5895.