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female nurse using stethoscope to listen the heart of old men in nursing home


Home Health Aide programs are open to all persons who meet the following requirements.

  • Applicants must present evidence of a high school diploma or GED.
  • Applicants who do not have a high school diploma, high school certification or GED and are 18 years of age or older must demonstrate the ability to learn from the program of instruction. Applicants must pass the TABE Basic Skills Exit Requirements: Reading 70%, Math 70%, and Language 70%.
  • Provide evidence of good physical and mental health (through evidence of a physical performed by a licensed healthcare provider).
  • Provide evidence of meeting immunization requirements by providing a negative urine drug screening, evidence that the applicant is free of active tuberculosis, and has immunizations for measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella.
  • Provide evidence of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Level 2 Background Check and Drug Screen.
  • Provide proof of current certification by the American Heart Association or American Red Cross Affiliated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) card with Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers.


Program Description
This program is designed to prepare the student to enter the workforce as a home attendant or home health aide. The program content provides instruction in services that assist in maintaining maximum independence and safety in the home environment. The student will learn purposes and functions of long-term care facilities, communication, respecting resident rights, employability skills, legal and ethical responsibilities, infection control, emergencies and accident prevention, fire safety and disaster preparedness, promoting resident’s independence, organization, observation, and charting, and personal care needs.

Course Outline

Course# Course Title Lecture Hours Lab Hours Clinical Hours Total Hours
CHC 101 Introduction to Healthcare & Caregivers 4 2 6
CHC 102 Patients’ Rights 2 2
CHC 103 Interpersonal Skills 1 1
CHC 104 HIV/AIDS 4 4
CHC 105 Body Mechanics 1 1 2
CHC 106 Medical and Surgical Asepsis 2 2 4
CHC 107 Weights and Measures 1.5 1.5 3
CHC 108 Vital Signs 1.5 1.5 3
CHC 109 Observation and Charting 1 1 2
CHC 110 Medical Errors 2 2
CHC 111 Domestic Violence 2 2
CHC 112 Nutrition 2 1 3
CHC 113 Emergency Procedures 2 2 4
CHC 114 Changes in Health 2 2
CHC 115 Rehabilitative Nursing 2 1 3
CHC 116 Patient Care Skills 3 7 10
CHC 117 Death and Dying 1 1 2
HHA 201 The Health Aide in the Home Setting 3 1 4
HHA 202 Maintenance Tasks of Home Care 2 2 4
HHA 203 Dietary Duties for Home Care 2 2 4
HHA 204 Safety Factors in Home Care 2 2 4
HHA 205 Assistance with Self-Administration of Medications 2 2 4
TOTAL: 45 30 75

Home Health Aide Program Outcome Competencies:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the health care delivery system and health occupations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate and use interpersonal skills effectively.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Home Health Aide’s legal and ethical responsibility including HIPAA.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and apply wellness and disease concepts.
  • Recognize and practice safety and security procedures.
  • Recognize and respond to emergency situations including BLS-CPR.
  • Recognize and practice infection control procedures.
  • Demonstrate basic computer skills.
  • Demonstrate employability skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of bloodborne diseases, including AIDS.
  • Apply basic math and science skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the legal and ethical responsibilities of the Home Health Aide including identifying signs of domestic violence.
  • Perform personal patient care procedures.
  • Apply the principles of nutrition.
  • Provide care for geriatric patients including active or passive range of motion.
  • Apply the principles of infection control OSHA.
  • Provide bio-psycho-social support.
  • Perform supervised management functions, following the patient’s plan of care.
  • Assist with rehabilitative activities.
  • Perform home health services.

Upon satisfactory completion of this program, graduates will receive a certificate from Evolution Health Academy when they:

  • Complete each required course / meet each course’s minimum standards in addition to obtaining an overall CGPA of 70% or higher and satisfy all financial obligations.
  • At this time, special recognition awards will be issued to students in recognition of outstanding performance. 

There is no state licensing or certification of home health aides in Florida. The State of Florida does not have a state-administered test of home health aides. There is no state law that requires the licensing or certification of home health aides in Florida. To work for a Medicare or Medicaid home health agency, a home health aide must complete at least 75 hours of training and/or successfully complete a competency evaluation given by the home health agency.

To work in a licensed-only agency the home health aide must complete at least 40 hours of training or successfully complete a competency test given by the home health agency. Some home health agencies require additional training above these minimum hours. Some home health agencies may hire certified nursing assistants to work as home health aides. Individuals who have graduated from an accredited school of nursing and are waiting to take their state exam for licensure in Florida can work as a home health aide. Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses who can show proof they are licensed in another state or in Florida can work as a home health aide.
Please note: these are the minimum requirements. A home health agency may have its own additional requirements beyond the minimum for home health aides.