Pursuing a career in the healthcare industry is a commendable job. Not only will you be assisting people in tasks that only a professional would do, but you will also be dedicating your life towards the service of others. Knowing all of this, it really is amazing how most healthcare professionals come through extensive testing and screening. Not everyone is made to be a healthcare professional, and only a select group of people know exactly what it takes to care for those in distress.

We at Evolution Health Academy provide you with all relevant nursing training and certifications. Two of the most common nursing exams are the CNA and the LPN. Here we review both of them.

CNA Exam Review
The CNA exam is a comprehensive paper to test the acumen of potential healthcare nurses. The exam is divided into two parts, which include the Written Examination and the Clinical Skills Test. You can only get your CNA certification once you clear both of these tests. The written examination will test your general knowledge of healthcare skills, while the practical exam will test just how aware you are of the clinical skills required for managing clinic roles.
We, at the Evolution Health Academy, know the protocols required for clearing the CNA exam, which is why we help impart in you, the right skills needed for acing this exam via our CNA Exam Review. The pressure can be high, but our expert professionals teach you how to master these skills.

LPN Exam Review
The Licensed Practical Nurse Exam or the LPN Exam is another comprehensive and detailed certification that can help push the career of a healthcare professional in the right direction. With this certification, you can work in long-term care facilities, medical offices, private homes, clinics and assisted living facilities. You will learn the necessary skills needed for giving hands-on care to patients, and will also be tested for the general medical knowledge you have.
The professional appearing for an LPN exam should know the basics of being a healthcare professional and should show confidence during the practical exam. We, at the Evolution Health Academy, give you this confidence with our LPN Exam Review service.