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Gaining a Better Understanding of LPNs and ASNs


Given the number of nursing specialties nowadays, you may get overwhelmed as you decide what you’ll be pursuing. We are well aware of this challenge, which is why we are here to offer you the support you require, one topic at a time.

To that end, allow us at Evolution Health Academy, a premier healthcare training academy in Miami Gardens, Florida, to share the differences between two of the most common nursing specialties: licensed practical nursing (LPN) and an associate degree in nursing (ASN).

Students aiming to become professional nurses but do not want to spend four years getting their bachelor’s degrees can opt for an ASN. It generally lasts two or three years and provides students with comprehensive training in all aspects of nursing. LPN, in contrast, is one of the shortest routes to becoming a nurse, as state-approved LPN programs normally run between 12 and 18 months. These professionals often provide basic health services and care to patients while working under the direct supervision of physicians and registered nurses.

Regarding credentials, LPNs earn a practical nursing diploma and become licensed practical nurses. ASNs, on the other hand, are associate-degree nurses who have the designation of registered nurses. As for job outlook, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that LPNs will have a 9% job growth in the coming decade. Since ASN graduates are eligible for RN licensure, they share the same job growth opportunities as RNs, which is expected to improve by 7% until 2029.

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