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What to Know About an Associate Degree in Nursing


Have you been exploring the different routes to getting a nursing degree? One thing you should ensure is to acquire your information from credible sources. If you are not quite sure what or who to trust, you have come to the right place!

At Evolution Health Academy, we dedicate our efforts to becoming a tried-and-true provider of healthcare education in Miami Gardens, Florida. We aim to achieve this not just within the corners of our facility, but through other platforms, as well.

To increase your knowledge of what an associate degree in nursing is, we have gathered some commonly asked questions about it:

  • What does an Associate Degree in Nursing (ASN) entail?
    It’s a two-year nursing degree that opens up various career options and work environments. Nurses with an ASN and who passed the NCLEX-RN work directly with patients as health services providers, with the option of pursuing a higher-level nursing degree.
  • What Is the Difference Between an ASN and a BSN?
    The primary distinction between an associate degree in nursing and a bachelor’s degree is that an ASN takes around two years to complete, while a BSN takes approximately four years. Students can take the NCLEX-RN after finishing either of these programs, but the BSN program is known to provide a more in-depth educational experience.
  • What Are the Duties of ASN Nurses?
    Nurses who have earned their ASN provide patient services, such as monitoring and recording vital signs, administering medication, and providing guidance on health and wellness-related concerns.

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